American Colored Angora Goat Registry
"The only Angora Goat Registry Recognized by the United States
Department of Agriculture"
About Us
The History of the American Colored
Angora Goat Registry
Beginning in the late 1990's verifiable numbers of
purebred colored Angora Goats, from AAGBA
(American Angora Goat Breeders Association)
registered herds, were being saved from slaughter
and bred by several breeders.  By 2002 the number of
animals produced from breeding and rescues made it
clear that a tracking system was needed.  The
AAGBA breed standards limit its' registrations to only
pure white Angora Goats.  As a solution to this
dilemma the American Colored Angora Goat Registry
was established in 2002 to register and record the
bloodlines of purebred colored Angora Goats.
In 2008 numerous requests and inquiries were
received by ACAGR (American Colored Angora Goat
Registry) regarding adding registering and recording
Colored Angora Goats (CAGs).  We agreed to work
with these breeders to meet their registration  and
recording needs.

Our goal has been to provide accurate bloodline data
and customer service to all Colored Angora Goat
The process for registering and recording Purebred
and Colored Angora Goats is described on the
Registration page of this website.