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January 16, 2018

The ACAGR Inspector Training and Reference Manual is now
available in the ACAGR Store above.
P.O. Box 197
Harper, TX  78631
(830) 494-1195
It is kidding season, are you ready?

Kidding season is the time of year we all look forward to.  It's alot of work but
can be very rewarding.
Planning ahead and having supplies on hand and ready for use can greatly
reduce the workload and will minimumize alot of stress and problems.
If you are new to Angora's read everything you can on birthing and raising
kids.  There are several books out there that can be very helpful.  A good
starting point is Angora Goats the Northern Way.  It can be found on Ebay,
Amazon, etc.  Talk with other goat owners in your area and find out what
works for them.
Most of all Have Fun!
2018 ACAGR National Colored Angora Goat Show

The 2018 ACAGR National Colored Angora Goat Show will be held  with the
TAGRA (Texas Angora Goat Raisers Association) in Kerrville, Texas.

Thursday, June 28 thru Saturday June 30, 2018
Where:  T
he Hill Country Youth Event Center
785 Highway 27
errville, Texas 78028
Entry Forms
will be available on this website when they become available.