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The ACAGR Inspector Training and Reference Manual is being
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summer 2017.
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Kidding Season 2017 Is Here!
Are you ready?
Cold temperatures can take a toll on kids.  New born kids chill down
very fast and getting them dried off and out of the wind is vitally
important.  A good layer of dry hay on the floor helps keep body heat
loss to a minimum on a cold floor.  A barn stall, with solid sides, is a
great asset for the mom and kids to get past the first day or two after

Having some supplies available can make a big difference when
kidding.  Some readibly available towels to dry off newborns and your
hands are a good start.  Keeping towels in a plastic bucket with a lid in
the kidding area really saves time when they are needed.  Remember
the old grocery store bags to put used towels in when you are finished
with them, they also work great for picking up placentas too.

The fluids that come with newborn kids can be very harsh to your
hands.  Some baking soda and water helps neutralize the effects.

There are any number of supplies, methods, and ideas about kidding
and everyone has their own way of doing things.  The number one rule
is to have a plan and be prepared in advance!
Send us pics of your new kids, we would love to post them here
for you!