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May 2
5, 2019
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It is Kidding Season!  Are you ready?
Kidding season, the busiest time of the year!  Do you have your kidding
supplies ready?  A clean 5 gallon bucket with a lid makes a great container
for keeping everything in.  Write you vets phone number on the bucket with a
felt pen to save time looking it up if there is an emergency.  Everyone has
their own idea of what should be in a birthing kit but at a minimum we like to
have clean towels, disinfectant for the navel, a lubricant like lubrojel or KY,
and some plastic bags to put soiled towels etc. in.  After birthing we wash
our hands in water with a little baking soda in it to neutralize birthing fluid.  
After our nannies have delivered and calmed down we offer them a pan of
warm water.  Most will drink about 2 or 3 quarts and it helps them passing
the placenta.  When we wash our soiled towels we use hot water and a cup
of bleach to disinfect them.

Most of all have fun!  It won't go on forever!
ACAGR National Show Announcement!

It's Official!  The annual ACAGR National Colored Angora Goat Show will be
held in conjunction with the California State Fair at Sacramento, California,
July 25th - 28th.  Entry deadline is June 19, 2019.  We will post updates as
we get more information.  The fair will also have information at:  available in May 2019.  We
look forward to seeing and meeting you there!