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October 4, 2018

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It is breeding season, are you ready?

Breeding season, the smelliest time of the year!  The bucks are spooled up,
the does are flagging and the fences and those that have to repair them hate
it!  Just a few precautions can ease the pain.  If possible keep goats to be
bred in a pen or pasture away from other goats.  If that isn't possible block
the view from one pen to the next, plywood works great for this.  When your
clothes get a little "bucky" smelling some dreft in the wash will help.  Some
chalk line powdered chalk applied on the chest and inside of the bucks legs
will let you know when he covers a doe and it will wash out of the fiber.  
Trimming vital areas on bucks and does will help nature take it's course!
Most of all have fun!  It won't go on forever!