American Colored Angora Goat Registry
"The only Angora Goat Registry Recognized by the United States
Department of Agriculture"
This website lasted updated:
September 25, 2020
P.O. Box 197
Harper, TX  78631
(830) 494-1195
Registration Turn Around Times.

Please be advised that due to Covid 19 and a host of
other issues your registration papers might experience
some delay in turn around times.  ACAGR has not had
any issues turning the registrations around but the
USPS mail, both coming and going has, and that is
beyond our control.
By far the best way to submit new registrations is using
the online registration form.
As an alternative simply fill out the appropriate form,
take a picture of it and
save the picture as a .jpg file.  
attach the .jpg file to an email and send it.  Please
DO NOT copy and paste or embed photos or forms into
your email, simply ATTACH
the .jpg file.  It is time
consuming and adds extra work removing those that are
embeded from the email.
 If you are sending from an
apple product, ipad, iphone, mac, etc. please be sure the
files you attach are .jpg files.

Then send it to:
Thank You,
A Message From The Registrar